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Mega-Bank’s Plan to Steal Your Money and Blame Fake Muslim Cyber Attack

Posted by truthpills on 2012/09/30

Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism
September 27, 2012

Senator and self-proclaimed Zionist Joseph Lieberman declared that it was Iran who cyber-attacked Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase in 2011 and began with more frequency this year. Lieberman, as the chairman of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee states that the financial attack was spurned from the state-sponsored anti-Muslim film circulating the Middle East thanks to CIA-operatives al-Qaeda.

Lieberman explains: “I don’t believe these were just hackers. I believe this was done by Iran and the Qods force, which has its own developing cyber-attack capacity. And I believe it was in response to the increasingly strong economic sanctions that the United States and our European allies have put on Iranian financial institutions.”

The US government is planting the propaganda seed that according to “highly classified” documents provided by the Join Chiefs of Staff’s Intelligence Directorate confirm that Iranian hackers are committing cyber-attacks against US financial institutions.

This report assures that US mega-banks are a “valid target” of the Iranian “cyber army”. However, the attackers used a known forum that is utilized by the CIA-controlled Anonymous to issue threats and brag about their successes.

The timing of the newly formed “digital al-Qaeda” and their expressed anger over the US-produced anti-Muslim film are questionable considering how the US and Israeli government are setting the stage for a justified war with Iran. This fake hacker group is threatening other countries controlled by the Zionist regime, such as France, Germany and Britain. According to the false flag group: “The army was recently formed and we have started to work as a team after we used to work individually. The hacking operations are of course a response to the offence against the prophet, peace and blessing be upon him.”

Radware, a security firm, analyzed the attacks and concluded that the alleged Iranian nameless, faceless cyber army accused to attacking BoA and JPMorgan Chase did not conduct the attack.
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JPMorgan Loss Could Be Next ‘Shock’ Event

Posted by truthpills on 2012/09/30

September 28, 2012

The JP Morgan (JPM) trading blunder could result in a $100 billion loss, a contagion of its massive portfolio, and even the wipeout of its entire asset base. Even worse, these extremely risky and potentially-illegal actions on behalf of the CIO office and the “London Whale” could be the unexpected “shock” that breaks the market, derails the Fed’s huge monetary stimulus, and sends us back into a global recession.

The JP Morgan Shock

The entire world has forgotten about or ignored what could be the upcoming “shock” that puts the global financial system in severe jeopardy. To make matters much, much worse – I don’t think anyone even has a clue as to what is really happening. Investors, economists, financial powerhouses, top business executives, politicians, lawmakers, consumers, students, governments, and even central banks are completely confused. None of them are expecting what I will describe below.

There is one event that may ultimately solve the mystery of the global economy. This event would not only plunge the economy back into a deep recession and lose investors hundreds of billions of dollars, but it could bring about the collapse of some of the world’s largest financial institutions and even render central bank stimulus and QE completely ineffective and futile. This event is by no means a guarantee; its probability is even likely under 5 percent. But this event has all the necessary ingredients to culminate into a major panic. Together with slowing global economies and an extremely unstable financial system, this could be the next Lehman Brothers.

This event is JP Morgan’s huge trading mistake. The massive losses that were racked up starting in April and May 2012 are by no means over. What has been represented by JP Morgan as a trading mistake and “hedging” strategy with an initial estimated loss of $2 billion, was really a leveraged and speculative bet that could soon infect JP Morgan’s entire portfolio and result in losses of $100 billion.
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Our Favorite Terrorists

Posted by truthpills on 2012/09/30

SEPTEMBER 25, 2012 7:26PM

On September 21st, Hillary Clinton signed a finding that the MEK, Muhajadin E-Khalil, or Peoples Muhadejin of Iran was in the process of no longer being considered a terrorist group. You should know that MEK was only taken off of the US’ terrorist list after years of high pressure lobbying by a veritable galaxy of the some of the biggest and most expensive stars in Washington. Bill Clinton placed them on the terrorist list in 1997, and this decision was reaffirmed by the Bush administration in 2007.

It’s a sad commentary on the way things get done in DC, but it’s extremely doubtful whether the terrorist designation change on MEK could have been accomplished any other way. Political celebrities were hired by the dozens to sing the praises of MEK. If you want Democrats, you could find Howard Dean, former Congressman Patrick Kennedy, or Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell. For Republicans some of the hired guns include former GOP Speaker of the House Denny Hassert, Rudy Guiliani, Dick Armey, Bush II Attorney General Michael Mukasey, just to name some of the bigwigs.

Did they hire any national security types? The answer is “Yes — from both parties!” For the Democrats MEK hired former Clinton CIA chief James Woolsey. And W’s CIA chief Porter Goss got a stipend for supporting MEK, too. Other national security nabobs include former FBI director Louis Freeh, Homeland Security Chief Tom Ridge, and Obama’s former National Security Advisor Jim Jones. And don’t forget the ever lovable Richard Perle.

How about journalists? Well Chicago Tribune Clarence Page was on board for some buckolas, as was Washington Post figure Carl Bernstein. Congressmen no doubt got in on the gravy train as well, but only Democrat Deborah Ros-Lehtinen and Republican Dana Rohrbacher made major appearances. Who knows how many other lesser lights received cash from MEK while it was still classified as a terrorist organization? The only thing that we know for sure is that none of these people come cheap. We’re probably talking about tens of millions of dollars being spent by MEK to get itself off of the terrorist list.
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Organs Taken from Patients that Doctors were Pressured to Declare Brain Dead: Suit

Posted by truthpills on 2012/09/30

Jamie Schram
NY Post
September 27, 2012

The New York Organ Donor Network pressured hospital staffers to declare patients brain dead so their body parts could be harvested — and even hired “coaches” to train staffers how to be more persuasive, a bombshell lawsuit charged yesterday.

The federally funded nonprofit used a “quota” system, and leaned heavily on the next of kin to sign consent forms when patients were not registered as organ donors, the suit charged.

“They’re playing God,” said plaintiff Patrick McMahon, 50, an Air Force combat veteran and nurse practitioner who claims he was fired as a transplant coordinator after just four months for protesting the practice.
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Music Video Exposes Presidential Right-left Paradigm

Posted by truthpills on 2012/09/28

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Infinite quantitative easing: The final chapter of America’s financial blowout has begun

Posted by truthpills on 2012/09/28

Mike Adams
Natural News
September 17, 2012

(NaturalNews) This is it, folks: the final chapter of America’s great financial blowout has begun. The Federal Reserve’s decision to announce “infinite” quantitative easing has now put us all on the path of infinite money creation. With up to $85 billion in monthly money creation — including $40 billion a month in purchases of mortgage-backed securities — the Fed is now wholly committed to the creation of new fake money to cover old fake debts. Mathematically, this financial death spiral can only end in sheer catastrophe.
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Engineered Viruses Created in Government Labs Validate Mass Vaccinations

Posted by truthpills on 2012/09/27

Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism
September 19, 2012

Canadian researchers have concluded that the H1N1 flu shot is more dangerous than the flu it purports to protect against. The timing of this study’s release coincided with North American and certain part of Europe preparing to promote massive vaccination efforts on their citizens. Under a propaganda pandemic campaign to fear the public into having the inoculation, this study placed a snag in their plans.

At the Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC) study author Dr. Danuta Skowronski explained that in 2008 a study she co-authored proved that the flu shot caused more physiological issues than the H1N1 flu itself.

Skowronski explains that “pandemics are infrequent occurrences, but seasonal influenza recurs on an annual basis. It’s a substantial cause of morbidity and mortality and the seasonal vaccine substantially protects against that severe outcome due to seasonal influenza.”

Vaccinations for the H1N1 are ineffective because the inoculation cannot prevent infection or support the body’s development of immunity. However, having been exposed to the flu gives the human body the antibody build-up that facilitates the actions of the human immune system.

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Ventura on CNN: ‘Every War Starts With a False Flag’

Posted by truthpills on 2012/09/27

Adan Salazar
September 18, 2012

In a monumental television moment for truth seekers, Jesse Ventura appeared on CNN’s prime time Piers Morgan Tonight and proceeded to lash Morgan and his large audience with a barrage of questions and facts surrounding the nation’s most pivotal event.
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MeK De-listing: Washington Openly Embraces Terrorism

Posted by truthpills on 2012/09/27

Daniel McAdams
The LRC Blog
Sunday, September 23, 2012

That the “war on terror” is a sick, manipulative joke cannot be more clearly demonstrated by the decision of the US State Department yesterday to remove the Marxist-Islamist death and murder cult, Mujahedeen Khalq (MeK), from the US terror list.

As Glenn Greenwald pointed out earlier this year, the MeK is jointly funded and trained by Israeli and US intelligence to carry out murder and mayhem inside Iran against civilian targets. It is the murderous and violent vanguard of the US and Israeli war against Iran. It launders money fromIsrael and the US through US politicians who on one side of their mouths scream about the need to fight terrorism while on
the other they accept millions to lobby for one of the most brutal and bizarre terrorist cults on earth.

When these criminal politicians start speaking about the “war against terrorism” spit on your television screen, as they are the terrorists. They are wealthy terrorists who steal your tax dollars to send overseas and recoup to lobby in favor of bloody killers of civilians in Iran.
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Smart meter or no power at all? Nevada energy sends armed men to disconnect power – just for opting out

Posted by truthpills on 2012/09/27

The Watchers
September 22, 2012

Nevada is supposedly one of those states with a smart meter ‘opt out’ policy. On the ground, however, the reality is a little different.

Mona Orkoulas lives in the mountains outside Las Vegas, Nevada, where she works in real estate. Like many Americans she has been impacted by the downturn in the economy and is struggling to make ends meet. Mona was born in the US and raised by an Egyptian/ Greek family. She has always paid her bills on time, and makes protecting her health a priority. For years Mona worked on humanitarian projects in the Middle East: drilling wells, and providing drinkable water and renewable power to remote villages. So she is familiar with the need for safe, reliable public services. Now, it turns out that she may need some humanitarian assistance herself — not in the developing world but right outside Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
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