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Our masters, the Bilderberg Group, secret meeting found in Virgina 6/5-6/8

Posted by truthpills on 2008/06/06

By: Truth Pills

The Bilderberg Group is the global elites’ top echelon group to discuss, organize, and implement global control of world government.  The agenda is likely to be: oil, gas, food, global credit crisis, real estate, Iran, China, Internet 2, Ron Paul Revolution, and many others that are not known at this time.

Do you know why gasoline in USA costs around $4 a gallon this year?  Well, three years ago when oil was less than $50/barrel, the Bilderberg group made plans for $140/barrel for oil and gasoline $4+/gal in 2008, and $150+ oil and $5 gas for 2009.  According to our moles in the Bilderberg group, the agenda for this meeting is $200-$250 oil for next 2-3 years and $12-$15 for gas in 2010-2015.  How can they do this?  They control world economics through the stock market, central banks (IMF, WB), creating and popping bubbles.  The popping of US housing in late 2007 is no accident.  The decline in real estate value around the world is by design.  One thing for sure is that they didn’t expect to get this bad.  They almost screwed up and had to get the Federal Reserve (central bank) to bail them out (with taxpayer money) so the bankers can move their money around and taking physical assets around the world.

The second objective for high oil is an economic attack on China.  Since China takes raw materials, manufacture them, and export the final products.  One thing China lack is oil!  With high oil prices, China (also India) will suffer big time.  This is an counter strategy that worked on the Soviet Union.  The Bilderberg group set oil so cheap, it destroyed the Soviet Union.

Another major agenda is the attack on Iran.  Last year we heard lots of propaganda on how evil Iran was and sent out 4 carriers to get ready for an attack.  Daniel Estulin, the best selling author of “True Story of the Bilderberg Group” got inside information from Bilderberg Group and said there was no attack on Iran in 2007.  The propaganda is heating up again on main stream media.  Will there be an attack on Iran before Georgie leaves office? Will oil jump to $200 because the Iran oil tap is turned off?

How do they control the world and what is their main objective?  Their main objective is to create a New World Order to slowly kill off 90% of world population (the useless eaters). In order to create the NWO, they need all shadow organizations to work together.  In the US, the two implementation organizations are the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission.  The CFR uses our government (bribes and all), the pentagon, and shadow governments–CIA and NSA to work behind the scene to control information, i.e. School and University indoctrination, blocking mass media (TV, newspaper, and magazines) from releasing important information and to create disinformation.  Most of the mass media is own for Rupert Murdock so it is very easy to do.  One thing they cannot control is the internet flow of information.  They didn’t expect real news to get out virally.  Millions of people are finding the truth and are waking up to the lies and disinformation.  The Bilderberg group’s major target is the internet.  They need to dismantle internet 1 and move people over to internet 2.  Their reasons are internet 1 is running out of IP addresses and internet 2 is faster.  The problem with internet 2 as it stands right now is built-in censorship of information by ISPs and corporations.

One very important victory for the anti-NWO is the Ron Paul Revolution. It is a Revolution not of weapons but of ideas.  It’s an information war on your mind.  Alex Jones asked Ron Paul to start the Ron Paul Revolution and he accepted.  We know that they are very upset with Ron Paul and the Ron Paul Revolution movement.  The Ron Paul message is just freedom for the people, Constitution, and small government.  The message is converting millions of young people in US and all over the world from embracing Communism, Socialism, and NWO to Individual Freedom and National Sovereignty.  The question is: Can we wake up enough people before it’s too late?  The government will form the new world order as the Bible described over 2,500 years ago.  These days people means nothing to our government, only what corporations want.  If you question their motives and actions, they will attack you, throw you in jail, and claim that you attacked them.

There will be a protest during the Bilderberg Group meeting but it’s small.  Most people don’t know about it.  Alex Jones is there!  There will be no other mainstream reporters.  Google and watch Alex Jones’ End Game documentary!

The Bilderberg Group brings together these representatives of corporate and financial and military power, to meet in secret without any interference from YOU. This year’s meeting will be held on June 5-8, 2008, at the Westfields Marriott hotel at 14750 Conference Center Drive near Dulles International Airport in Chantilly, Virginia, which is handily located directly behind the United States National Reconnaissance Office at 14675 Lee Rd. in Chantilly, VA. So, apparently spying on this conference is WELCOME. Feel free to join in! See how many presidential candidates you can spot!

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