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Cure for AIDS found in US Patent filed in 1996

Posted by truthpills on 2008/01/04

By: Truth Pills

The cure is Tetrasil. It has a second name, which is Imusil. The US patent number is 5676977.  This cure is a single injection of non-toxic (no liver damage or overdose) tetrasilver tetroxide. The truth can be shocking that there is a cure for AIDS before 1996 and you’ve never heard of it before.   Check out the US patent from the US Patent Office before you continue.

The cure does work.  The patent stated: “..further testing revealed complete 100% destruction of the AIDS virus in vitro at 20 PPM, and the fact that said devices were harmless when ingested and inhaled, being non-toxic.” “Thus an optimum of 40 PPM of the devices by weight of human blood was found to be sufficient to completely obliterate AIDS.”  This cure is one IV injection that costs several hundred bucks and a doctor who can give it to you. It doesn’t cost $30,000/year for life like the pharmaceuticals charge for their drugs.  It worked for almost all who tried it including Dr. Boyle and Magic Johnson.  “They” told Magic Johnson to shut up and play ball.  Dr. Boyle would not shut up but fight them.  He exposes who, when, where, why, and how AIDS was created using declassified US documents.  The 1960 and 1970 US BioLab documents have mostly been declassified by the US Government.  You can listen to the Dr. Boyle’s interview and Dr. Len Horowitz documentary:
Boyd Graves AIDS Activist Takes on The US Government

AIDS is man-made – Interview with Dr. Boyd Graves

In Lies We Trust (Dr. Horowitz).  There are 16 parts to it.

If you view the government’s declassified documents, we’ll see that all modern germs are/were created in the labs for biowarefare. These new gene spliced germs need to be tested in humans.  Some are tested in America like NYC and Chicago.  Other germs such as AIDS that targets specific ethnic groups are tested in the appropriate countries under the pretext of health.

Another cure that is hidden is the cures for cancer.  One cure for most cancers is the non-toxic substance, Dichloroacetate (DCA).  Cheap & non-patented substance.  After the discovery, the FDA reclassified DCA as poisonous so that the general population cannot get them.

There are many other cancer cures that have not leaked to the public.   Scientists all over the world are making breakthrough in the medical and genetic fields.  These breakthroughs are criminally and deceptively tested on the general public through medical research and clinical trials.  Some failed trials are actually successful for the next step of bioweapon (eugenics).  For example, the latest AIDS vaccine experiment with cold virus.  The press called it a failure but in turns of eugenics, it’s a success.  They are trying to make AIDS airborne through the cold virus.  The elites wants to sell their drugs/vaccines to everyone.

Vaccine Causes AIDS/HIV Related Infection that Spreads Through the Body via Common Cold Virus

People in AIDS vaccine study to be warned of possible higher risk

The main stream media and all the experts do not want you to know.  They are all out there to suck your money.  There’s an information war on your mind.  If you take the red pill, you can get out of the Matrix (of global enslavement [ soon to come.  It’s knocking on the door. ])!  Fiat money creates inflation, subprime, commercial paper, and credit card crisis.  The Federal Reserve and global central banks are bailing out the big banks (elites).  You’ll be the one holding the empty bag when there’s a bank run.  The banks got no money!  The fiat money is just paper.  Commodities like Gold and Silver are the real money.  There’s also a global food crisis, too (google it).  The Holy Bible calls these global problems the Beginning of Sorrows.  The beginning of the Great Tribulation (Global Enslavement) is almost here.

One important thing you need to understand about the federal departments like FDA, CDC, WHO, and etc is that they are not looking out for your interest but the interests of corporations (including municipal corporations or franchises–City of XXXX).  The federal departments create monopolies.  They create problems and poses as your savior by proposing a solution to their interests.  Order out of Chaos, or problem-reaction-solutions.  For example, the CDC also known as Center for Disease Creation.  They create the gene splicing germs, tells you how to prepare for a outbreak for that germ, and sometimes release them.  The preparation for the outbreak reaps billions and billions of dollars–drugs, vaccines, etc.  They have to release them sometimes to get your trust and build credibility.  The private company, Federal Reserve, does this, they inflate the dollar so much that the dollar will be worthless then to save you, they will convince you to move to the Amero.

Ex-Mexican prez: ‘Amero’ on the way

They also create the boom and burst cycle so that they can consolidate real assets.  Now the international bankers owns 80% of the world’s assets–diamond, gold, pharmaceutical, walmart, banks, all big box retailers, and etc.  The individual investors are a drop in the bucket.  Now they are coming after the last 20%.

It is very hard for people to swallow this since they believe people and governments are good.  Remember some people do it for money and power because of the greediness.  They would lie, cheat, steal, and kill to get what they want–think governments–Caesar, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, and etc., and companies like pharmaceuticals, IBM, Aurther Anderson, Enron, and etc.  Did you know that 90%+ of news and research papers contain some lies to outright propaganda.  Even Bush spend $2+ billions on fake news such as FEMA fake news conference.  It happens all the time but this time they got caught.

The most money being made are for killing people.  How much money have been spent on Iraq war alone?  Pentagon on 9/10/2001 can’t find out where the $2 trillion went.  Yes $2 trillion!  Then the accounting offices in the Pentagon were blown up the next day (9/11).  The Bible says the root of all evil is the love of money.  The love of money is so strong for the people in power and control that they are willing to kill any and all people for it.

Who owns you Americans?

Who Runs The World… Why You Need To Know Immediately

Bush ‘planted fake news stories on American TV’

A Times Square Pedestrian Arrested for standing on sidewalk

Nationwide Revolt Against Dangerous Vaccines Accelerates

Btw, there have been so much breakthroughs on life extension technologies that the global elites are taking them all for themselves.  After the bioweapons and cures are discovered, they are killing [murdering] scientists so the cures will not be leak to be public. They want to kill you too.  Their plan for 80+% human depopulation is happening right now.
Watch Endgame [Blueprint for Global Enslavement]

List of Dead Scientists

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