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IRS loses challenge to prove tax liability

Posted by truthpills on 2007/07/29

By: Truth Pills

The IRS is the collection agency for the Federal Reserve, a private corporation that controls the monetary system of the US.    “Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is the master of all its legislation and commerce.”
President James A. Garfield

The “Federal Reserve” is not a government institution but a private central bank owned by a handful of major banks and bond dealers. As such, it is a cartel owned, controlled, and essentially for-profit driven, not by the people of the United States but, instead, by the banking industry’s ruling elite. This oligarchic setup generates the most costly, debt-based, money system and greatest conflicts of interest in the history of the world. It is a system clearly at odds with the intent of the founders of the United States of America.

The Federal Reserve creates boom and bust cycles to reconsolidate assets for private central banks and their investors–Great Depression, 80’s depression, dot com bust of 2001, and the coming global depression which is right at our door steps.  The 500+ point drop last week is a small taste of what’s to come in the very near future.

The Federal Reserve and IRS are illegal entities of the United States.  It is forbidden by the Constitution.  Throughout history, there were many lawsuit cases the Supreme Court of the USA ruled that the income taxes the IRS collects from personal wages were unconstitutional.  Many federal courts ruled for the people when it comes to lawsuits by the IRS.  The latest one is:

IRS loses challenge to prove tax liability
Lawyer is acquitted after arguing income levy lacks legal foundation

The IRS loses cases after cases but that didn’t stop the IRS from using US Marshall & FBI to hunt down people who challenge the tax law.  They will use snipers, tanks, robotic drones, apache attack to hunt them down.  No one in the government, Federal Reserve, or IRS can show people the law that requires them to pay income taxes!  In fact, there’s a law that says you don’t have to pay income taxes if the income was earned wages in the US.  It doesn’t matter what the courts ruled, they got the bigger guns.

Did you know that not 1 cent of the money collected by IRS goes to serve US citizens?  Most of the money goes to attack other countries, build and maintain military bases.  The rest are dividend given to the investor of the Federal Reserve.

The government collects other taxes for roads, schools, infrastructures, and whatever–  Property Tax, sales tax, Gas tax, business tax, cigarette tax, licenses of all kinds, park permits, luxury tax, and tons of others.  We also pay inflation tax!  This is a big one because our dollars have been devalued into nothing (no intrinsic value) .  The value of the dollar is the confidence of the US economy as stated by Federal Chairman Bernanke.  If the stock market drops enough, the foreign investors will lose confidence and bail out.  (China has close to 1 trillion dollars in reserve and they are bailing out now but slowly…)  The value of the dollar goes to ZERO!!! USA is now a third world country.  The parent company of the Federal Reserve, the IMF & World Bank will take over like many other countries that owed tons of money to them.  This might create a civil war.  Actually there’s one already started but it’s at the political level and the US militia have been mobilizing for the last couple of years.  If the political method won’t work, the militia are ready for battle.  The US government is worried and that’s why they have concentration camps built all over the country for protesters, dissenters, and revolutionaries (and you?).  Most of the camps are owned by FEMA (Google on what happened to people who went to FEMA camps during the Katina disaster)…

The 2008 Presidential candidate Senator Ron Paul (Constitutionalist) wants to take this country back.   He doesn’t want a violent civil war so he’s working very hard at Capital Hill.  Ron Paul says if elected president, the first week he will abolish the IRS, the second week, the Federal Reserve.  He’s has already fired the first political shot by introducing a bill to abolish the Federal Reserve.

Please pray for this country as the big storm is at our coast.  Our livelihood can change from good to bad in matter of days (Not that the events will start in days but once it starts, your life can change almost overnight.).   All it takes is for Bush to declare martial law!!!  He wrote all the execute order to allow himself to be declared a dictator.  He is above the law and have thrown out the Constitution.  He says Congress has no power over the Executive Branch; they should just approve the financial funding for Bush to spend as he likes.

For the latest info:

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Health Tips: Vitamin D, Vaccine, Autism

Posted by truthpills on 2007/07/17

By: Truth Pills

Most of you probably already know that I don’t like the pharmaceutical, insurance industries, mass media, and corruptive government.   They are there to deceive us, rip us off, and make bondage of us for the rest of our lives.   Here is one lie:  Stay away from the sun.  It will cause melanoma skin cancer.  Use lots of sunblock, sunscreen, and etc.  Oh really, then…
1.  Why is skin cancer a 21th century disease?  People have been exposed to the sun for 6 thousand years and skin cancer was almost unheard of.  People in the past actually were exposed to the sun many times than we do today.  We sit in the office all day.  We drive the car everywhere we go.  We hardly ever work outdoors.  Now, getting cancer is like catching a cold.
2. Why are skin cancers more prevalent in places further from the equator?
3. Why do skin cancer occurs in body where it gets the least exposure to the sun?  or why don’t areas of the body most exposed to the sun get skin cancer?
4. Why do people who work in the office tend to get skin cancer more than people who work outdoors?
5. Why do some doctors cured melanoma with sun exposure?  There are many researchers that confirmed this.

Use common sense when we are outdoors.  The sun can cause burns to the skin but there is no proof that it is the cause of skin cancer.  There are many studies that proved using too much sunblock WILL cause skin cancer!  There are many toxic chemicals in the sunblock that will rip your skin DNA apart but they do provide limited burn protection.  I do use sunblock but only if I am out on the sun for hours.  I used to get burn very easily but now I don’t.  I found that taking extra vitamin D really helps!  Also applying “extra healing” moisturizer like aloe vera periodically does wonders.  Don’t just use it after the burn, use it to prevent the burn.  The sun dries your skin, give it some moisturizer.

Oh btw, don’t drink that diet coke, it has Aspartame (google it!) in it.  That’s a sure way for a slow kill with different types of cancers.  Your family will wind up with huge hospital bills and prescription bills that your spouse may have to work the rest of his/her life to pay off.  Bondage!

Anyways, on to the real doctors in this article…!!!

July 13, 2007 Why am I getting this?

STOP POISONING YOURSELF with this “healthy” sweetener…

Aspartame, the sweetener being used in everything from sodas to salad dressing, may be making us sicker and fatter than good old sugar ever could! Now, discover how this “healthy option” could actually kill you…plus learn more REAL medical truths that could save your life!




Could vitamin D deficiency be the key factor in triggering autism? If so, do childhood vaccinations also play a role? HSI members weigh in on this controversial condition in the HSI Healthier Talk community forums.

Howard: “I know many/most of you have already read the latest letter from the Vitamin D Council, but for those that haven’t, go to vitamindcouncil.com. Click on the Autism article. It’s fifteen pages long and presents a theory of autism related to lack of vitamin D.

“It seems that the pointy heads in the eastern US medical establishment decided in 1989 that the sun was our enemy. This after 4000 years of humanity living ‘under the sun.’ (the Bible has almost 30 references to this.) By 1999, autism had exploded in the US and the theory explores the potential connection of disallowing our kids from playing outside without being slathered with sun block.

“I find it interesting that autism is more prevalent in up-scale families than poor families. The suggestion is that the poor folk can’t afford to buy sun block.”

Rkcannon: “Earthshaking idea. There seems to be so many ills attributed to low vit D recently. How on earth could that be missed for so long?”

Howard: “Vitamin D is free. (Pure natural sunshine with no sunblocks.) No way for BigPharma to make money, so might as well bury the data, come up with sunblock, which should create many new diseases, (i.e. Autism) in order to make a few bucks and hope nobody figures it out.”

Liverock: “Another study showed that fathering a child when over 40 years of age raised the chance of autism by more than 600%.”

Skipper: “The Sunday Binghamton Press recently ran an article re autistic children and stated that the Amish are not afflicted. Could it be that they do not have their children vaccinated?”

Rosezs: “Skipper, I’d say you are probably right about the vaccination theory, but I think it may also have a lot to do with the fact that they make their living from the land in the great outdoors and sunshine.”

Dawnanewday: “Bobby Kennedy, who is bringing the case against the FDA and vaccine manufacturers, was on radio the other day. He was relating that in China, prior to 1999, autism was virtually unheard of. Then manufacturers started providing vaccines for Chinese children in 1999 and since then, the autism rates in China have soared. This is very suggestive that it is the vaccine that is causing much of this condition.

”Children used to only get 3-6 vaccines before the age of 5. Children have to now get upwards of 23 doses of various vaccine including the thimerisol (mercury) that sterilizes and preserves the vaccine. 23 doses of thimerisol in a very short amount of time. The brain damage is occurring when any of the noted side effects are occurring…fever, lethargy, seizures, etc.

”Do you know the story about the mad hatters who used mercury in the molding and shaping of hats? Mad hatters…they weren’t angry. They were brain damaged.”

Other topics being discussed this week in the Healthier Talk community forums include:

  • General Health Topics: Chemicals deliberately added to our food?
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You can easily reach the HSI Healthier Talk community forums on our web site at www.hsibaltimore.com. Just choose “Forum,” and join in with any of the dozens of discussions about nutrition and natural health care.


“They said I wouldn’t live to see my next birthday—
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Learn how my story can help you.



HSI On the Spot
July 9, 2007
Tamiflu for Toddlers
Back in 2005, there was some suspicion that Tamiflu was triggering “odd behavior” in children. That “odd behavior” included delirium, hallucinations, and suicide. Though over 100 cases were reported – mainly in Japan where the drug was used in about 10 times more children – no definitive link was ever found. So the FDA decided to keep monitoring adverse events for up to two years. Which brings us back to now. The FDA has just approved lower doses of longer-shelflife Tamiflu specifically for use in kids at least 12 months old – both for treatment and preventive use. That’s right, the drug is recommended in a once-daily dose to prevent the flu.

You can read Michele Cagan’s full posting about this topic on her “HSI On the Spot” daily blog. http://www.hsibaltimore.com/redir/blog.html

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Saturday July 7, 2007
See More Clearly Without Annoying Reading Glasses!
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Monday, July 9, 2007
Round the Mulberry Bush
There’s a health secret hidden in the mulberry – a secret that may prove very beneficial for anyone in danger of developing type 2 diabetes. But research shows that the mulberry is just one of many botanicals that help manage blood sugar levels.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Mystery Bees
The mystery of the missing honeybees may have a simple solution. The bad news: It might require giant agribusiness corporations to curb the use of genetically modified crops. So…will anybody listen?

Wednesday, July 11, 2007
If Anyone You Love is Suffering…
“Please,” said Hugh Downs at the start of his recent TV broadcast, “if anyone you love is suffering from heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, memory problems – don’t miss this!” He then proceeded to document an amazing outpouring of new cures, from a project unprecedented in the history of science…

Thursday, July 12, 2007
The Ruling Class
Could the “threats to our health care freedoms” be just a little bit exaggerated? The FDA has put that question to rest with a recently issued rule titled “Final Rule for Current Good Manufacturing Practices for Dietary Supplements.” With this rule, our health care freedoms have suddenly changed course and headed south.


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