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Super Urgent: Stop FDA to label vitamins, Supplements, Herbs and Juices as “Drugs”

Posted by truthpills on 2007/04/21

By: Truth Pills

Friends and Family,
The FDA wants to pass the document called Docket No. 2006D-0480 which will make all alternative medicine [ vitamins, herbs, raw vegetable juicesnutritional supplements, essential oils, homeopathic medicine or any other “complementary” or “alternative” modality such as acupuncture, massages and etc ] to be label as drugs or medical devices.  If this passes, all alternative medicine and supplements will be off the store shelf.  Alternative (holistic) doctors, people who grow herbs and certain vegetables in their backyard, and people who have lots of supplements could be arrested by DEA agents wielding assault rifles.  There will be many more people with cancer, diabetes, and all other illnesses we know of than today.  The FDA and DEA agents do the dirty work for the big pharmaceuticals companies.  This will create a monopoly on your health for BigPharam where FDA approved drugs kill over 100,000+ people per year (i.e. every year)!

This country as we know it will take a downward spiral.  The Federal Reserve controls our monetary system, and Food and Drug Adminstration controls our health, and the NeoCons control our political system.  What do we have left?

The land of the free and home of the brave turned into the land of the free and home of the slave.


Please write and call your senators and FDA immediately regarding FDA Docket No. 2006D-0480.  The deadline is April 30th, 2007.

Please help fight tyranny and corruption.

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Child Protected Services, Sex scandal, Rape/Tortore Room on children in your state

Posted by truthpills on 2007/04/01

By:  Truth Pills

The child protected services abuses are very disturbing especially for people who have kids.  The families broken by CPS do not get jury trials.  Once the children are in the system, many of them are gone for good.  These kids are as young as toddlers.  Many teen girls get pregnant while in CPS custody. The kids are physically assaulted many times, sent to rape rooms, force to participate all night sex parties, tortured, killed, missing, sold to Saudi Arabia as sex slaves ($$$) [ google for human sex slaves in middle east].  Even in the US there are sex slaves!!!  It’s unbelievable!  Don’t deny my claim without checking it out first!

” — wikipedia
In 2002, the US Department of State repeated an earlier CIA estimate[4] that each year, about 50,000 women and children are brought against their will to the United States for sexual exploitation.[5]. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell said that “Here and abroad, the victims of trafficking toil under inhuman conditions — in brothels, sweatshops, fields and even in private homes.”[6]”

Please Please spend at least 10 minutes listening to what Alex Jones has been exposing in the last 10 years.  He’s the expert on the New World Order/Neo-Con corruption.  He always has evidence to back up his claim.


The child protected services may also have other names in different states (Department of Human Services, Department of Children and Families, Safe Children Coalition).  There are also departments for juveniles.  They all do the same thing.  They are there to break up families for neglect and abuse. Since there are no clear definition for neglect, the social worker and CPS agent are abusing the system.  A large number of the people running CPS are pedophiles, convicted criminals, and sexual offenders.  Where can pedophiles find unprotected children???  At CPS!  Families all over the internet are crying and begging for help.  Florida and California are the worst 2 states.

Check out videos and testimonies from thousands among thousands of families.

Here are some sample cases children got snatched from parents and sent to CPS/Juvenile facilities:
1. Anonymous tip (true or false).  The accuser does not have to face you at trial.  The people in the trial are the CPS agents, social workers, judge and you.  If you have money, you can hire a lawyer.  Most people do not bring a lawyer.  This is a big mistake!!!  You should always have a lawyer to represent you.
2. A child kisses another child — sexual assault
3. A child pushes a hall monitor at school — physical assault on state employee (police)
4. A child slaps the teacher or another student on the behind
5. A child plays outside unattended and someone calls police or CPS
6. Father trips over a cord and falls on child and breaks the child’s leg. All the children are taken away by DCF and the husband put in prison (abuse)
7. A child bitten by a dog while playing outside (neglect)
8. Christian lady loses her child because her child was not allowed to go to the school dance
9. fist fights at school, go to prison
10. too many absence from school
11. Spanking kids
12. False positive drug test of parents
13. If you medications show up on the drug test, you can lose your children
14. A child accidentally falls and taken to hospital

Homeschoolers are at highest risk!!!  This is not a Christian country.  It is controlled by Secularists, Humanists, Pseudo Scientists (Evolution, Global Warming, etc), and other Occultics {mostly Freemasons}.

People are starting to wake up and stand up to the abuse.  The CPS system are big money generator for judges, social works, pedophiles, foster parents, government.  You are supporting them with your tax money.

What does the government says about this??  Once U.S attorney says: They [children] didn’t sustained bodily injury, maybe they were willing, maybe they enjoyed it.”  This guy should be thrown in prison and others should be  executed.  Some of these kids are as young as toddlers!  You parents must research this topic and call or write to your senators.  Don’t let it happen to your kids!

Embattled AG now accused in teen sex scandal ‘cover-up’
Attorney General Gonzales among officials who allegedly ignored abuse of minor boys

“As a prison guard, Brookins had a history of disciplinary and petty criminal records dating back 21 years. He retained his job despite charges of using pornography on the job, including viewing nude photos of men and women on state computers.

The Texas Youth Comission controversy traces back to a criminal investigation conducted in 2005 by Texas Ranger Brian Burzynski. The investigation revealed key employees at the West Texas State School in Pyote, Texas, were systematically abusing youth inmates in their custody. ”

” July 28, 2005, letter from Bill Baumann, assistant U.S. attorney in Sutton’s office, declining prosecution on the argument that under 18 U.S.C. Section 242, the government would have to demonstrate that the boys subjected to sexual abuse sustained “bodily injury.” Baumann wrote that, “As you know, our interviews of the victims revealed that none sustained ‘bodily injury.'”

“Baumann’s letter went so far as to suggest that the victims may have willingly participated in, or even enjoyed, the acts of pedophilia involved: “As you know, consent is frequently an issue in sexual assault cases. Although none of the victims admit that they consented to the sexual contact, none resisted or voiced any objection to the conduct. Several of the victims suggested that they were simply ‘getting off’ on the school administrator.”

Texas governor knew about teen sex scandal
Said he learned of it in newspaper but spokesman admits awareness 2 years ago

Teen sex scandal ignored by AG, others for 2 years
Probe widened, involving hundreds of complaints of sexual abuse in system

For more references, google for “gonzales sex scandal”

New World Order/US government Corruptions exposed in http://www.infowars.com

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