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Young people should not take flu vaccine, watchdog says

Posted by truthpills on 2011/07/31

Children should no longer be given a widely-used flu vaccine over concerns it is linked to a rare sleep disorder, the European drug regulator has recommended.

By Martin Beckford, Health Correspondent
10:00PM BST 21 Jul 2011

The European Medicine Agency said that Pandemrix should only be given to the under-20s if they are at risk of contracting swine flu and alternative jabs are not available.

Its announcement comes after studies showed that young people who were given the vaccine were at increased risk of developing narcolepsy, which causes sufferers to fall asleep unexpectedly.

But the British drug watchdog said it would not ban Pandemrix in the young and pointed out that the country’s stocks expire in a few months anyway.

Pandemrix, manufactured by the British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline, was given to 30million people across Europe after the outbreak of swine flu – the H1N1 strain of the virus – that started in Mexico early in 2009.

It was approved by the European regulator in September that year but by the following August its safety was being reviewed after health officials in Finland claimed it had been linked to narcolepsy.

In total 335 cases of the sleeping disorder in people vaccinated with Pandemrix have been reported to GSK, with 10 suspected cases out of the 6million doses given in Britain.

In its review, the European watchdog said it looked at all the data as well as taking advice from experts, and found that the results of studies in Sweden and Finland suggested a six to 13-fold increased risk of narcolepsy among vaccinated children.

This means that for every 100,000 adolescents who are given the injection, up to seven are likely to develop narcolepsy.
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U.S. trucking funds reach Taliban, military-led investigation concludes

Posted by truthpills on 2011/07/30

By Karen DeYoung, Published: July 24

A year-long military-led investigation has concluded that U.S. taxpayer money has been indirectly funneled to the Taliban under a $2.16 billion transportation contract that the United States has funded in part to promote Afghan businesses.

The unreleased investigation provides seemingly definitive evidence that corruption puts U.S. transportation money into enemy hands, a finding consistent with previous inquiries carried out by Congress, other federal agencies and the military. Yet U.S. and Afghan efforts to address the problem have been slow and ineffective, and all eight of the trucking firms involved in the work remain on U.S. payroll. In March, the Pentagon extended the contract for six months.

According to a summary of the investigation results, compiled in May and reviewed by The Washington Post, the military found “documented, credible evidence . . . of involvement in a criminal enterprise or support for the enemy” by four of the eight prime contractors. Investigators also cited cases of profiteering, money laundering and kickbacks to Afghan power brokers, government officials and police officers. Six of the companies were found to have been associated with “fraudulent paperwork and behavior.”

“This goes beyond our comprehension,” said Rep. John F. Tierney (D-Mass.), who last summer was chairman of a House oversight subcommittee that charged that the military was, in effect, supporting a vast protection racket that paid insurgents and corrupt middlemen to ensure safe passage of the truck convoys that move U.S. military supplies across Afghanistan.
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A Visualization of United States Debt

Posted by truthpills on 2011/07/28

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131 children vaccinated at gunpoint in Malawi

Posted by truthpills on 2011/07/28

Malawi Voice
Posted July 18, 2011

JULY 8- About 131 children from Nsanje who fled into neighboring Mozambique during the anti measles vaccine a few months ago were vaccinated this week at gunpoint.

The children, belonging to Zion and Atumwi Churches were taken into Mozambique by their parents to hide them from officials fearing they might get vaccinated.

According to Dr Medison Matchaya District Health Officer for Nsanje, medics went to vaccine the children in Nsanje under police escort.

“We were alerted that some children who were hiding in Mozambique were back in the country and we asked police to escort the health officials in order to vaccinate them and we have managed to vaccinate about 131 children,” said Matchaya.

In a related development Mchinji Third Grade Magistrate Court has sentenced Appolo Chitsonga of the Seventh Day Apostolic faith to two years imprisonment for refusing his three children to access measles vaccine.
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Genetic Genocide: Humanity’s Greatest Threat

Posted by truthpills on 2011/07/28

Watch the short clip

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Infowars Predicted Norway Terror Attacks Day Before

Posted by truthpills on 2011/07/25

July 24, 2011

Go look for yourself, the day before the bombing and shootings in Norway I told everyone that it was coming down. The whole radio/TV show is posted on this channel from Thursday when I talked about it for the first 2 hours. How did I know? How could I not, it was like the media was rolling out a new soft drink it was so in your face. Watch the video and find out how the murders work.
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Perry County mother charged with unlawfully entering school bus to help a son she thought was ill

Posted by truthpills on 2011/07/25

Published: Saturday, July 23, 2011, 12:00 AM
By SARA GANIM, The Patriot-News

If Tara Keener had known that her 5-year-old son was only sleeping, she might not have acted this way.

But Keener, an emergency room nurse, didn’t know. All she knew was what she could see through the windows of a big yellow school bus as she walked down her Perry County driveway. Other kids were standing over the kindergartner’s assigned seat, yelling that Xander was slumped over.

“Help, he’s not moving,” she recalled during a recent court hearing. “We can’t wake him up.”

So she ran to the bus, up the steps and to the landing. The driver told her she couldn’t get on the bus. It’s against the law.

Keener kept going. “My focus was on my son,” she told a judge.

What happened on that bus Dec. 15 has earned Keener a misdemeanor charge of unlawfully entering a school bus. She’s now awaiting trial in Perry County Court.

The bus company remembers the story a little differently, and reported the incident — as they are required by law — to the state police because the driver asked Keener to leave the bus and she refused.

They say no one was screaming ‘help,’ that Xander was sleeping, like he had before and the driver wasn’t given enough time to handle the situation herself.

“Everyone’s focused on, he wasn’t really sick,” said Keener’s attorney Jeffrey B. Engle. “How do you know that? He could be choking on a Jolly Rancher. I can hop a fence to save someone who is drowning, even if it says ‘Keep Out’ if the harm sought to be avoided is greater than the possible violation of the crime.”

Engle would not allow Keener to comment for this story because of her pending court case.

At a June 15 preliminary hearing, Keener testified that older kids were hovering over Xander when she got on the bus.

“They moved away and looked at me like they were scared and said they couldn’t wake him,” she testified. “I had to physically shake him vigorously to wake him.”

Keener never thought this would land her in court, Engle says. After all, she and her husband had boarded a school bus with their son before as part of a program to help kids get over their fears in the first few days of school.

And days after the incident, a trooper told her she wasn’t going to be charged.

Then almost five months later Keener received a notice in the mail: She was facing a third-degree misdemeanor — an offense that lead to jail for a year, and a $2,500 fine.

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I moment you get “free” services from the government, you are giving up certain rights. Initially it will be small, then incrementally it adds up to unbearable levels. When you send your children to government schools (re-education camps), you give up many of your parent rights to the government. When parents violate any of their increasing regulations (they called it law which is not), parents are fined and/or jailed. Some violations might include you trying to save your child in government (but its really public) properties. There are no exceptions. They want to flex their muscles and set an example. This mafia style violates your Constitution rights and it’s unacceptable. Exercise your Constitution rights before they all disappear.

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Darpa Searches for Life’s Master Clock

Posted by truthpills on 2011/07/24

By Noah Shachtman and Lena Groeger July 18, 2011 | 4:44 pm

There’s a hidden clock that underlies every process of every living thing — from when our cells start dividing to how quickly we age. Researchers at Darpa, the Pentagon’s extreme science agency, believe they can find it, using a mash-up of biology, code-cracking, mathematics and computer science.

If the effort succeeds — and, boy, is that a big if — the recently announced Biochronicity program could help us understand why cancer is so hard to beat, how stem cells self renew and why cells are programmed to die. In other words, it’ll be one of the biggest breakthroughs Darpa has ever had.

Scientists these days have a half-decent sense of how our internal processes work. For example, we know that the carbs we eat are broken down into glucose and then broken down further into ATP, the energy that powers every cell. ‪But when exactly that breakdown happens, what precisely triggers it and how long each step takes is less known.‬ Considering how important timing is in other areas of science — from chemistry experiments to quantum mechanics — it’s surprising how little emphasis it’s given in biology.

Because it’s clear that all life processes depend on some internal time keeping. This can occur once in a lifetime — say, the hormones released during puberty — or as daily occurrence, as in the regular metabolizing of food into energy. While scientists have uncovered many different components of our inner clocks, “none have been identified as the single lynchpin or master regulator of the greater system that controls temporal expression.”

Darpa wants to find the master regulator, and then use that knowledge to develop “predictive models of molecular-timed events, cell-cycle progression, lifespan, aging, and cell death, response to stress, and useful treatment strategies and drug delivery.” The key word is predictive. Darpa is no longer content with biology as a descriptive enterprise, watching cells and enzymes do their thing. Now, it wants mathematical models and algorithms and theories to tell what they’ll do next.

In that way, the agency is looking to piggyback on the work of Alan Turing, the computer science pioneer who predicted that much of biology would be revealed to be the result of a series of patterns; more than five decades later, he’s largely been proven right.
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Aquaponic Food Production for Long Term Survival, by Stone of Scone

Posted by truthpills on 2011/07/24

By James Wesley, Rawles on July 19, 2011 10:44 PM
Food storage is important for short term survival, and everyone should have at least a six months to a multi-year food supply. But long term survival requires that you grow your own food. Whether it is TEOTWAWKI or just losing your income because you were laid off from your job, a home food production system is essential to your security.

Most successful food production systems involve using a greenhouse for year round food production, as a greenhouse extends the growing season, and shields your crops from severe weather. Another advantage is that a greenhouse is better protected from nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare than open field farming. And a greenhouse has greater physical security than an open field against pests and animals that might want to share in your harvest, whether they have four legs or two.

One problem with a greenhouse is providing an efficient watering system that doesn’t require you to hand water your plants, and that will reclaim the run-off or excess water that would otherwise be lost into the floor of the greenhouse. Water is always an expense, and if your city water supply or electric powered well pump is not working, then it would be almost impossible to manually haul enough water by hand to maintain your greenhouse plants. Another problem is how to keep the temperature of the greenhouse stable without using propane or electric heaters. A greenhouse needs to store the heat collected during the day, and slowly release this heat so that the plants won’t freeze when the sun goes down. I believe that the concept of “Aquaponics” solves both of these problems, and is the perfect technique for growing food off the grid in a greenhouse.

Aquaponics is a combination of Hydroponics (growing plants in water), and Aquaculture (growing fish in water). Aquaponics uses low energy water pumps to move the water from the fish tank through a gravel-filled bed to filter the water for the fish, while providing water for the plants growing in the gravel bed. The low pressure water pumps recycle the water for continuous use, and require a very small amount of electricity power which can be provided by a solar panel.
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The FBI Entraps Citizens To Claim Success Against Terror

Posted by truthpills on 2011/07/16

Rehanna Jones-Boutaleb
Foreign Policy in Focus
July 15, 2011

On August 28, 2008, two childhood friends from Midland, Texas, Bradley Crowder and David McKay, traveled north to join thousands of protesters at the 2008 Republican National Convention (RNC). In the company of six Austin activists, Crowder and McKay were ready for adventure, and prepared, in Crowder’s words, to protest to “change the world.” What began as a journey of hope, however, ended in sudden catastrophe. Crowder and McKay’s efforts to mark their opposition to the Republican administration and the U.S. involvement in Iraq resulted in multiple charges of domestic terrorism and a high-stakes entrapment defense in federal court. What the “Texas Two” hadn’t realized in Minnesota was that their trusted comrade, Brandon Michael Darby – the very activist to whom they had looked for inspiration and guidance – was in fact an FBI informant.

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