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Thank you for your support against HPV vaccine

Posted by truthpills on 2007/02/23

By: Truth Pills

Thank you for people who emailed or called their state congressmen to oppose mandating the HPV vaccine.  The mass media is reporting that Merck is halting lobbying (legalized bribing) states for mandating the HPV Vaccine.  This is good news but don’t go to sleep.  Once the opposition dies down, Merck will gear up the bribes again.  Because supporter like you who took action to notify their congressmen or friends, the anti-hpv vaccine group was able to build up steam that affected Merck decision to stop lobbying the HPV (Help Pay for Vioxx) vaccine.  You might have saved your daughter, relatives, and friends with your action.

Truth about HPV and the vaccine:
4 live strands out of 150+ that causes the HPV cancer (not very affective)
The 4 stands are dna fragments of the original ones (first ever)[they will mutate]
The vaccine lasts up to 5 years (girls have to get it at 11, 16, 21, 26  yrs old)
Each shot costs > $300, 3 is required = $900 (nurse gets $50/shot)
It was tested for 4 years on girls from 16 yrs old to mid 20’s.
Merck’s packet info says it doesn’t guarantee to prevent cancer.
There are heavy metal such aluminum (damages brain functions)
There are other toxic preservatives added
It contains other DNA, bacteria, and viruses as it is grown in animals
There are very few people who died from HPV cancer.  With annual pap smears, it will be detected and easily curable

Out of thousands of girls who had the HPV vaccine, several hundred people had the following temporary (T) and permanent (P) side affects:  autoimmune diseases (P), seizure (T), dizzyness (T), boils on pelvic area that bleeds (P), bleeding on many orifices (P), and others.

Before you decide to give it to your daughter, ask your doctor questions about these affects.  Most doctors don’t even read the manufacturer packets.  They just listened to the mass media and the mfgr sales rep.  Remember, they get $50/shot.  You might get a physically and mentally damage daughter that you have to take care of for the rest of your live.  The doctor says we made $150, too bad for you.

Merck to Halt Lobbying for Vaccine for Girls


In the movie Matrix, Neo took the red pill.  I think you should too.  Watch the links below:

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